Phoenix Tears 4:1 150mg CBD/37.5mg THC (Expired)

1ml Syringe

A careful blend of cannabis extracts produces this wholesome remedy. Professionally extracted, 4:1 Phoenix Tears are a product of locally sourced organic flower. Green Island Naturals creates extracts without the use of isolates resulting in clean potency and powerful impact.

Still safe to use. Can not be combined with any other discount.

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THC 37.5mg
CBD 150mg

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4:1 Phoenix Tears are hand crafted in BC by combining extracts from organic hemp and hybrid cannabis flowers. Extracts are lab tested and blended to reach the 4:1 CBD:THC potency. 4:1 provides a effective blend of CBD/THC that minimizes the psychoactive effects of the THC, but stlll keeps enough present to aid with its medicinal qualities along with a high CBD dose.

150mg CBD and 37.5mg THC in a 1ml oral syringe per package.

1/15 of an applicator ( oral syringe ) is an average dose ( 10mg CBD : 3.75mg THC )

Contains organic MCT oil infused with Roman chamomile, organic honey and French lavender for optimal efficacy.

Keep refrigerated and away from sunlight for maximum life.

Can be eaten as is, or mixed into foods.


Avoid exceeding this dose until understanding how this product effects your body.

May cause impairment. Avoid operating heavy machinery after use.

Lab Tested for safety and accuracy

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